Saturday, June 03, 2006
Everything has a purpose - Be Positive!!
You me and virtually everyone of us have a purpose. When you look at the world around you, every glimpse has immense happiness. Look out and reach for positive things in life. Remember these 2 simple rules and your life will be euphoric!

1. Troubles vulcanize your strength - Be brave, and understand basic amenitiesMost of shy away at the mere thought of risks in life. We constantly complain about the small things when the mere fact is there is every other person who go through the same obstacles in life. A coconut does not crib on its hard exterior - it is that which saves and provides tender water -quintessential elixir of life. Understand that every trouble, refines your morality. Like a coconut get through your hard exterior and reach out for people. Remember anything that goes around will come around!

2. Give your best shot - Results will always be great!

Never, Never fail to reason. You always know a person is intelligent by his answers, but you only know a man in wise by his questions. Ask the right questions at the right time! When you relentlessly strive for the best, the results are always fruitful. Atleast, the side-effects will be minimal. Remember the camphor that extinguishes for the cause of God - still it has the black ash as its remnant. However hard you strive, there will always be people who will undermine your cause -never mind and be focused - you will achieve success. Had Stephen Hawking thought for a moment on his motor neuron disease he would not have achieved to what he is today - one of the world's most respected physicist and scientist!
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