Saturday, February 24, 2007
71. Back with Bang Hug!

Hello Hello Friends! How are you all doing! Its been a loooooooong time since I posted posts here, lest the fear of termites eating my dead remnants of the blog gnawed me so much - that I decided to return back with a mighty hugzzzzzz!

Ok so I disappeared for a quite some few months, proclaiming to do some research and studying, and did I??? Well obviously no, but I can tell you all one thing - How to act in case of Fire accidents or burns - why because thats exactly what happened to me - Dont worry nothing serious though, I will write about all that in the next post, now over to all this hugs campaign.

For 2 years on the downtown streets of Sydney, Australia a young man called Juan Mann( read as Yuann Maan) was holding on to a board with the words imprinted "Free Hugs" - why? Because all someone at times needs is a small Hug. However hard and loud we claim that "THE WORLD IS A SMALL PLACE" and we have thousands of "SOCIAL COMMUNITIES", the present day individual man is becoming far more lonely and recluse. And if this small hug can inculcate a small RAY OF HOPE in a stranger, if this small hug can help a few hundred souls in relinquishing despair for a moment - then so be it, that is my motto claims this man.

Sick Puppies a famous Australian teenage rock band realizing the popularity of Juan and his campaign smartly came up with a video that was seen 1 million times within 6 days(Whoa!) when it was loaded in You tube in Sep' 22nd 2006.

Whatever happened rest was history. Free Hugs Campaign was started as people's movement in every country. Sick Puppies band became so famous that now they are now singing in Los Angeles. Juan obviously became very famous too - and he talked about the in & out nuances of Hugging in Oprah Winfrey's show.

Now there who said you need to great thoughts and 99% perspiration to be famous and successful - sometimes all you need is just the human'e corner at the bottom of your heart -for just show your love and affection, the world will stop for you!!!
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