Sunday, July 29, 2007
75. Ten things I like in US continued...
Ok first things first, here is a small trivia for all you guys...
Why is IndianAngel not posting frequently?
A) IndianAngel is lazy
B) IndianAngel sleeps a lot
C) IndianAngel is very busy
D) IndianAngel,Texas from next week will become IndianAngel,Florida, so is busy
E) All of the above

Now over to continuation of this post...
4. Humour - Frankly, to admit, americans are one of the most jovial guys in the world with a highly contagious sense of humour. Be it at th work-place,mall or picnic spot, the day-to-day conversations are filled with fun, as long as u can withstand them pulling your legs!

5. SkyScrapers - The huge buildings of Manhattan or the grandoise of the liberty statue or the beautiful sears towers - Do i need to mention more about this?

6. Customer Care - One of the many things worth mentioning, customer care is always par-at-excellence. be it enquiries for online payments, mortgage, loans or insurance, this is always the best.

7. Technological Growth-benefits - You can almost virtually do everything online, payments, shopping, e-learning. Technology is seen in everything across the length & breadth of the country - most households/apartments are with a/c-heaters,electric ovens, laundry.

8. One stop shopping - Again, worth mentioning, this is one of the best things I like here, from sprawling wallmarts, costco's, macy's,jcpenny's - u name anything and its out all there in a single place.

9. Entertainment & Fun - Theme parks, gaming events, race tracks, trekking, kids entertainment - name any fun stuff its all out here.

10. Education - Some of the best minds across the globe are out from the most prestigious institutions in US - Princeton, Massachusetts, Harvard,Carngie Mellon produce some the most brilliant minds every year. Though schooling is not that great when compared with India, College is definitely much better.

So what do you like about US............?


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Sunday, July 08, 2007
74. Ten Things I Like in US!

1. Friendliness, Open-mindedness & Attitude
Having worked a wide range of customers across the globe, from malaysians, to Japanese to Europeans till the americans, I find Americans as one of the most friendliest folks on this planet. Their broad smile, and "How are you,whats going on?" conversations starts your day lively. Be it their pleasant customer care at the mall or their pleasant attitude to allow the pedestrians cross a jam packed road, they always showcase the right attitude. With a population of more than 300 million, this country boasts diverse ethnical races living here:

White americans(european americans, middle eastern americans(arab/Iranian), central asian americans) 75%, Blacks or African american -12.1%, Asian american - 4.1%, American Indian - 0.8%, native hawaiians or pacific islander - 0.1%, other races - 6%, two or more races - 1.9%

2. Freeways & Highways

Yes, topping second on my list are the innumerous highways of US - be it some of the most confusing highways(such as I-45 in Texas, shown in picture, I stands for Interstate) or the notorious I-5 in the westcoast covering most of the western US (california,mexico, Oregon), the highways and freeways in US are a picturesque treat to watch. With few exceptions though(people drive like maniacs! in California, New-Jersey,NewYork and chicago), most people strictly follow the rules when they drive. And by the way toll free highways are called "Freeways". And to frankly admit, I always have this eerie feeling of discomfort when I drive on highways, especially when I miss the exits! :)

3. Unbounded beauty of nature

Be it the giant redwood trees of california or the huge niagra falls or the gorgeous grand canyon, US is blessed with a wide variety of fauna and flora. Just peep on to the picture to see me like a speck of dust standing in front of two giant sequoias in California.
(to be continued in the next post...)


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