Thursday, August 03, 2006
Story Writing - Photo Association and Recursive Narration!
First Read the Story then, take the look at the picture at last!

"Well What do you want me to say! I think I was born here, atleast I've been living here for so long that I dont remember whether I was actually born here. Its funny that I dont even know who my parents are, whats more funny is I dont even call the person who has raised me a father - I call him master!

I like him so much, so much that he has never made me think even one day that I'm not his son. Well Yeah! Im orphan, but that depends on how you see it - to me its "Oh-Fun". He never minds me bothering him all day, I eat with him, I sleep with him and go out with him on most occasions.

I dont know how much fathers allow their son to drool all day idling away their time, but he never raises an eyebrow - when I know I'm totally useless and Cuddle up cozily in the couch!

So Right now here I'm resting both of my legs out of the window in an awkard position looking at the world around me and talking! The vivacious pleasure I derive by sitting like this cannot be explained, though its uncomfortable to most!

And despite all this idling away, I have an exceptionally strong sense of smell and an excellent vision. I can see without turning around for 200-270 degrees, while normal humans can see only 100 degrees - well thats what My doc says!

Maybe thats true I can smell the sweet aroma of baking potatoes here. I think it must be Uncle Sam who lives 1 street away from us baking for his pie! Strange man!

There are lots of people who drive with both their hands out. I dont think there's anything funny about it, but I dont understand why people look at me strange when I have both me legs out of the Window pane. Well, I'm not driving, so why are they bothered! I like to sit like that especially when the warm breeze blows on my face!

And because Im so much bonded with my father, Im kind of selfish. I dont like anybody with my master. Which is why I saw you lady with my beloved father, I dint like you lady, when you came with him today.

I started growling, which is when you started talking to my father and said

"Hey Marc! He is so cute" I started blushing and then you asked me
"Hey cutie cutie cooh! How are you? Who are you?" "

Now read the first line of the story for the answer to this question!

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At 9:27 AM, Blogger Keshi

awww nice one :)

**Well, I'm not driving, so why are they bothered!

lol cute!



At 9:46 AM, Blogger Preethe

A very sweet post!!
And the poem "இயற்கையும் மனிதனும்!!" was too good

Keep writing


At 4:53 PM, Blogger indianangel

Thanks to you both! Sure will continue to write more on a wider range of interests!


At 2:13 PM, Blogger Jeevan

After Owl, you got the powerful ears. ""when I have both me legs out of the Window"" dear cute, be carefull of your legs, dont create a situation of other vehicles take ur leg when u show out:)