Tuesday, August 08, 2006
American Curry and Indian Bread!
Most people gleefully share their experiences the moment they fly abroad and have a wonderful experience with people and places! - I'm late as usual :) read through this, no offense meant to anyone and enjoy!!

First experience in US:
First at the airport
Security: Can I see your Id?
Me: I'm sorry Can you say that again?
Security: I need to see your photo id
Me:(handing my company id)
Security: Thats funny, I need to see your passport!
Me:(thinking):Damn! How am I supposed to know that!

I met a Pakistani in one of our teams who (probably studied here) was in U.S for quite some time
Him: What's up?
Me:(starting at the ceiling, innocently): I dont see anything do you see something!?
Him: Hey! not that buddy, newa'y, howz it going?
Me:(again thinking): I'm sorry who's going where?
Him:(Frustrated): Damn! Forget it Dude!

With the Team Lead:
Him: What's your ID?
Me:(what the hell! why does he need my passport....) I'm sorry!
Him: I need your six digit user-id
Me: (Arrgh!) nz4r8y(read that as n "izad" 4 ry)
Him: Whats that n..?
Me: again the same, with more stress n "izzzzad" 4 ry
Luckily for me my friend came to rescue and said nzeee4ry

This trouble was continuing for a few more weeks, while I was getting acquainted with the new place and people much better than before, the trouble started again - this time at a food mall!

Me: (Looking at all sorts of breads and leaves and finally deciding much to exasperation of the lady who was at the counter) Er!! Can I have a veggie bread! with no white meat, chicken, fish, beef(uff!)
She: Ohh! Yeah I know thats what u folks eat Small or Medium!
Me: Im sorry!
Her: Small or Medium!
Me:(Luckily seeing that written in the menuboard) mmm Small!
Her: You sure!
Me: (What the heck should I get President's aproval??) Yeah!
Her: With or Without butter?
Me: Without Butter
Her: Italian Bread or White Wheat?
Me: (Now its my turn for exasperation, and not wanting to ask any more) White Bread!
Her: you need Toppings?
Me: I'm sorry
Her: You want olive, spinach, tomoatoes, mushrooms on top!
Me: (Losing my total patience) Add all!
Her:(Swaying her hands, towards the bill counter, which I later realized was her way of dancing) To here or go!
Me: (Thinking I should pay the bill before collecting the food, started moving to the counter) Oh yeah I'll pay the bill over there!
Her: Nooo! You want it here or to go!
Me:(Still blinking and in the mean time same friend rescuing me!) Yes here!

I lost half my energy squabbling at the counter, and finally after I received the baked bread, with all the garden(toppings!:)) surrounding it I could not help myself thinking as the scape cow chewing the grass! Sigh!!!! But anyway was hungry so gobbled it quickly!

I was getting much better( I started acknowledging people's Have a nice evening courtesies with a you too!) All heck was again one day - when I was having stomach trouble and rushed to a nearby hospital. The doc gave me some medicines and a dose of an injection(Its a different story that I was terrified of the large syringe as usual:)).

As I was leaving,
Doc: Hope you are feeling better! Dont eat stones and come with stomach trouble again!
Me: (Not thinking, actually something that I never did) You too! Er Wish you the same!
He got the shock of his life! Sigh!! my developments are far from bad to worse!

To top all this, was, when one day I had stomach tantrums again and had my first appointment for Driving class. Not wanting to miss it, I went ahead and started driving with my instructor!

Him: Heelo! You driving for the first time!
Me: Er yes in U.S
Him: Okie dokie! No probs! Lets take our plunge on the road!
Me: (listening more intently, in away that I not even did in school) Oh shall we start?
Him: Oh yeah! Thats what I meant. Lets go!
Me: (Starting to drive as slowly as a snail and shivering like a wet crow in rain)
Him: Aint that easy! You watch the lane! and stick to your lane!
Me (Watching him still)
Him: Hey what yo doing man? dont watch me watch the lane! see how others drive!
Me: (starting to see others and the car slowly drifts out of the lane!)
Him: (Now it was his time to shiver) Hey watch out man!
Soon we reach a freeway(which is our highway's), and I was still moving at snail's pace and the discomfort in my tummy was even more!
Him:(Suddenly) Give the gas!
Me: (Startled, did I leak something, is my tummy really that upset) Err Im sorry!
Him: Give the gas man! Push the pedal!
Me: (Slowly raised to 50 miles and finally ended the day's class, thankful that situation dint turn our really remorse!)

Well that is how the story went for a few more months and things have been much better! But these fond memories and the Initial stunts are something that I will cherish for my life!

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At 8:48 AM, Blogger Keshi

LOL that first experience in a different country is one to rememeber forever isnt it!



At 9:19 AM, Blogger Preethe

That was really funny
Doc incident was superb ..
Paavam andha Doctor :-))

Have you read this book "Inscrutable Americans" by Anurag Mathur. Its packed with such incidents. Too funny


At 9:23 AM, Blogger Preethe

Sorry for the off topic post..

which DW tool are you working on.
Even I have been working on DW projects.


At 10:03 AM, Blogger indianangel

@Keshi: Very true! and Even though you travel frequently after that to different places, you'd never forget your first visit!
Oh! BTW I like Europe better than U.S! :)

I'vent read that book, maybe I should someday! Not a problem! Yeah! I knew u were in dw too,thot I saw one of your friends reply asking "you are still warehousing???" Is that right? Currently in Informatica, but overall working in Inform and Cognos so far!
Anyway if u had want to chat more here's my id : annapras@yahoo.com.


At 4:41 PM, Blogger Preethe

Hie Prasanna

Do read that book .. its worth spending some time on it.

And yes .. I work on informatica and microstrategy. Trained in Cognos and BO.. But didnt get a chance to work on them

Thanks for ur email address.


At 7:57 PM, Blogger starry nights

That was really funnny. I remember having my first driving lesson and the instructor saying "give it more gas" and me wondering what on earth does he want me to do.Now when I look back I can just laugh at all those experiences.


At 11:01 AM, Blogger Ferocious Killer Kat

the experience with paki guy was ROTFL.. whats up?? hehehe.. ohhh man!! too funnyy...

my funniest experience was when the lady at subway said "For here, or togo".. and I was confused to death.. I was like what the???.. after repeating 3-4 times my frd who was in US since few days came over and said "Togo" .. and explained me the stuff.. hehe..

good read!


At 4:06 PM, Blogger tulipspeaks


a funny one indeed! hahahaha



At 5:50 PM, Blogger indianangel

fero kil kat: Well thats true it happens to almost everyone! BTW, how do I call u?

Ammu: Thanks! Your nutrition posts are dormant for quite some time, planning to bring it active??


At 2:35 AM, Blogger Balu Vemburaj

Pras, that was very funny...
I couldn't control my laugther..

Would like to share vth you one similar thing happened to me recently in a pop corn shop inside a movie theater...

Me: can I get a popcorn bag please?

fat popcorn guy: ok..what sause??

Me: Sause?? hmm mmm..what?

F.p.guy:(getting irritated) what sause man? what saause...

Me: (me Confused... after little thinking...) oh ok...give the medium Size one...Thanks..

F.p.guy: here you go.


At 6:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

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