Saturday, August 26, 2006
Open the Door & the Breeze will Blow!

Here is my second attempt to story writing and narration. Read through it and let me know your comments!

I was trodding along the vast expanse of a flat and dried up lake on the county side, when I spotted a slender and relinquishingly fresh pine tree on its shore. Oh what a survival against all odds - just reminding me that fight from a true and lonely heart is always more successful than the fight from the mind that is filled with egotism. Having ecstatically enjoyed the wonderful ways of life in the most green pastures on this world, I was overwhelmed with an urge to see this beautiful world perched on this tree. As I started climbing the tree I noticed a lovely crane gracefully spreading its wings in the air, like the soft hands of a mother ruffling the hair of her kid so soft yet with all the elegance - just to put her kid to sleep!

I was startled when the crane suddenly started talking
"Hey! What are you doing?"
Realizng that it was indeed the crane's whisper I responded
"Well! Im climbing this tree to see how the world looks like from the top. So what do u see when you fly?"
"Oh nothing I see that the world is flat at some places and is curved at the poles"
"So why do you fly over and over again to see that?"
And the crane replied
"Because I wanted to remember and be always reminded that it is flat and curved"
And without waiting for me respond it suddenly flew away! Though a little puzzled with its answer I continued to enjoy the endless landscape of bountiful beauty down below. As inquisitive as a mind can be like mine, a crowd of country side strangers had already collected in the ground below -seeing me climbing the tree and wanting to know what I was doing!
Suddenly one of them said "Hey! Lets start pelting him with stones and see what he does" and everyone of them started hurling stones towards me. I was now frenzy with rage I yelled at them to stop, and the crowd got more excited and started assailing me with more stones! Not withstanding with pain I alighted the tree and reached the ground.
The guy who started all this, came forward and apologized for this barbaric attitude and I not wanting to vent my frustrations any longer started my way back home!

The crane suddenly came back and asked me " So did u see that the world is flat and curved?"
And now I understood what the crane meant when it said
"Because I wanted to remember and be always reminded that it is flat and curved"
and I replied
"Yes the world is flat and even with people who are good and broad minded and always strive for the betterment of the society, and at the same time it is curved with crooked and dishonest people who derive the sadistic pleasure from the anguish and pain of the others! Its all in the perspective of the mind to live in a world with a mix of both sugar and salt - for after all if I "Open the right doors of the mind, the breeze of enchanted happiness will always flow"
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At 1:54 AM, Blogger samuru999

That was wonderful!
You do write so well!
Beautiful stuff!

"open the right doors of the mind, the breeze of enchanted happiness
will always flow!"
Loved that!
Take care!


At 6:25 PM, Blogger Preethe

Actually .. neenga enna soneengannu puriyala. Aana yedho romba nalla karuththu solareengannu mattum puriyudhu..

sorry .. me konjam bulb type..


At 6:39 PM, Blogger indianangel

Margie: Thanks! and Doe come again!
Preethe: Thats ok! what I actually meant was just like how the earth is not regular and even at all places(that is it is flat in equator and curved at poles) life is not regular and has ups and down with both good and bad people. So it is in our perspective to pick the good and have a happy life! Now howz this! :)


At 2:12 AM, Blogger starry nights

That was beautiful and it is a reminder for all of us that this world is not perfect and we have to flow with the imperfections and allow happiness to flow in.thanks for sharing. well written post.


At 9:07 AM, Blogger Preethe



At 2:56 PM, Blogger sudha

Beautiful article. You have conveyed the truths of life in a simple and interesting way.