Tuesday, October 03, 2006
51. Fox Hunting - Part II
OK first for those, who missed Fox Hunting Part-I read here. Ok Pria here is my response to your tag - Five wierd things about thyself.

Wierdo 1: Concotions just blow me away - Picking Foods with Strange names.
Knowing my appetite for picking up foods with strange names, I've always been the scape goat at home whenever my mother makes a new dish (in a so called new name). I've this weird habbit of ordering food items with strange names.

I was once to a Thai Restaurant(That restaurants are jimbly soooooper yummy), with my group of friends for a treat! As my software engineer prowess would have it -
I was analyzing the menu card, like an adoloscent drooling over a film magazine, for a wide variety of catchy items - a few noteworthy names of the food items were,

PAD-KEE-MOW(this looks pretty much like our kothu paratta, see the picture below),TOFU GARDEN, LAHD-NA, TOM-YUM-LEMONGRASS (believe me these are food names see here).............

As I started analyzing the menu card and my friend aware of my exceptional skills in taking a long time to order, started Designing flowers( I mean drawing) in his notebook, while the restaurant was busy Coding(cooking) food for the other customers. 15 minutes had already passed, and I not wanting to Test the patience of the waitress(actually I got confused looking at the waitress becoz she was so beautiful he heh, so it was not my fault at all) , found something catchy and said
"Yeah! I will take a Soo-yun-Chow"
The lady immediately responded with a wry flashing smile(and my jaws drooping wide open more than ever he he!)
"Sorry Sir! we can't take that order for you"
And I responded in a hispanic way "What yo talking lady ?"
She smiling again "Yeah thats because, he is the owner of this restaurant......"
Me: "Bulb!!!!!!"

Weirdo 2: Smelling the sweet aroma of babies
I loveeeeee babies!!! Whenever I get to hold a baby I start smelling them. Its the beautiful natural aroma thats so lovely, the soft skin and I go yummy yummy planting kisses on their cheeks. On most occasions either the babies or so horrified by this frivolous act of mine, or mostly they are taken aback by my nauseating bad breath! :) just like this squinting baby below, maybe it was just thinking: ----

What the heck man! Did you brush your teeth eh???? :)

Weirdo 3: The Divine Rhythm - an idiot's baritone at Kitchen!
You may have heard people singing in bathrooms, but have you heard guys singing in Kitchen, as loud and as rattling as a rat. Well its me, actually its not the singing that disturbs people, its the spoilt brat of a dance that follows which infuriates them. I'm not sure if its the awkward twtiching of my mouth while cooking that makes my room-mate detest my food. Just to give you an idea of how I might look like, you should probably see this photo below

And folks who understand Tamil read further, Once I was so happily singing in my class
"இசைத் தமிழ் நீ செய்த அரும் சாதனை!"
"isai thamizh nee seidha arum saadhanai aaaaha aah!"

and everybody except one fella started holding their ear unable to hear a donkey brawling in class. I was happy that atleast one guy like the way singing - when to everybody's surprise he blurted
"ப்ரசன்னா நீ செய்யாதே பெரும் சோதனை!"
"Prasanna nee seiyaadhe perum sodhanai! """

Weirdo 4: Jumping over Neighbours walls - Its the manly game!
When I was young ( Im young now too, but wat I meant was When I was a kid), I had this exceptionally strong acrobatic skills to jump over my neighbour's fences whenever I play on the roadside with my fellow mongrel. (Its a different story that this jumping skills of mine was rightly identified by my Physical Training instructor for Long jump, that he recommended me for inter school athletics he heh, and surprisingly I came 2nd too!)

The result was that my neighbours always had an incoherent capability of associating breaking window panes with me, even if their kids broke a glass tumbler Duh! And I thought maybe this breaking spree, was only back in India, and I was totally bewildered, when my neighbour (here is US) displayed a notice board a few days immediately after I moved in to the new apartment. Check this out! :( How can someone suspect a innocent angel like me! :)

Phew! Ok I think this post has become too long, So I will end here. Jeevan and Gilli Priya - next your tags are on the way!
posted by Prasanna Parameswaran at 4:40 PM |


At 6:15 PM, Blogger Bharani

LOL...Seems thatz they are funniest things you do...not the wierd ones :)

//ப்ரசன்னா நீ செய்யாதே பெரும் சோதனை// ultimate :)


At 3:21 AM, Blogger Hip Grandma

you've qualified the entrance exam into the world of weirdies.


At 9:03 AM, Blogger Preethe

hi Prasanna
Sadhanai ad Sodhanai .. idhu nejammave nadandhadha ??? Appo super bulb adichirukkume !!! heheee

vey funny :))


At 9:23 AM, Blogger indianangel

@ bharan: :) yeah i know its more funny than being weird
@ preetha: //qualifed the entrance exam'a???? ha ha you are proving that you are a teacher! :) dont scare me again by saying the word exam! I forgot it long time back! :) So are u in U.S right now?

@ Preethe: amaango! idhu unmaiyadhaango nadandhadhu, aanna enakku illa ennoda friendukku, ennoda vasadhikki vendi en pera pottukuttaen( actually en friend idha padichuttu enda en pera pottanu kettu, enna gumman kuthu vittudavaanonnu oru bayam vera:) adhanala ennoda peraye pottuvittaen!)


At 10:32 AM, Blogger வேதா

//Picking Foods with Strange names. //
இந்த பழக்கம் எனக்கும் உண்டு இது வரைக்கும் சாப்பிடாத கேள்விப்படாத உணவு வகைகளை சாப்பிடுவதில் தான் ஆசை ஒரே ஒரு விஷயத்தை மட்டும் உறுதிப்படுத்திப்பேன் அது சைவம் தான் என்பதை:)

"Yeah thats because, he is the owner of this restaurant......"
ஏய் இந்த ஜோக்கை நான் எங்கேயோ படிச்சிருக்கேன் உண்மையை சொல்லுங்க இது சுட்டது தான:)

I go yummy yummy planting kisses on their cheeks.
அய்யோ குழந்தைகளை இப்படி கசக்கி பிழிஞ்சாலே பிடிக்காது,எங்கண்ணன் இப்படி தான் குழந்தையை கொஞ்சு என் கிட்ட திட்டு வாங்குவான்:)


At 12:45 PM, Blogger Balaji S Rajan


Ordering food that have a catchy name, cuddling babies and thinking about their imagination,singing aloud, jumping into neighbour... Boy... different activities in one person. Few are weird... Getting the bulb from the waitress was a powerful bulb. I think you would have supplied light to the whole restaurant.


At 3:01 PM, Blogger பொற்கொடி

hmmm babies nan mudhal la pakrapo avanga kaal kadaisi virala irukra nagam than paarpen :)) wierd food names me too me too! ice cream peru ellam kelunga "chunky monkey", "violet volcano" ipdi bayamurthara madri irukanum ;)


At 4:08 PM, Blogger prithz


tofu and tomyam.. OMG.. dutn talk to me abt those... i am sick of them here.. :'(

And yeah.. smelling babies.. i like it too. esp, jsu after hte baby is out of a bath.. whoaaaaaaaaaa... suepr cool!!!


At 10:59 PM, Anonymous priya


Your six best shot made my day. I loved the first and the best and enjoyed sharing with my hubby. Thank god the owner wasn't a lady. Coz u never know IA:-)))) Just kidding...

Im am still young now- how sweet we are always right.
I have jumped my neighbors wall as a kid playing hide and seek.

Good one IA and thanks for taking your time..


At 11:24 PM, Blogger Syam

//Picking Foods with Strange names//

same blood...while others having a weird look at me....

enakkum isai thamzhil nee seitha song romba pidikkum...athukaanga atha paadi yaarayum sothanai pannathu illa...nice one as usual :-)


At 12:38 AM, Blogger Priya

as usual, kalkkitinga ponga.

//What the heck man! Did you brush your teeth eh???? //
commentum baby pic um romba cute.

//Picking Foods with Strange names//
naan idhukku opposite. oru restaurant la oru dish pidicha ovvoru dhadavayum adhe dhan saapiduven. Vera try panna kooda matten.


At 9:08 AM, Anonymous Lera

ha ha ha..funny names with even more funny closing up order,perhaps you would have ended up being a cannibal..;)The Baby pic is sooo cute.had a real fun time browsing ,Thanks!


At 11:05 AM, Blogger KK

We have lots of Wiedo's in common :)
like ordering wierdest name food, Singing (certified in my blog), Jumping over walls. In addition I used to climb houses using the pipes too :)


At 4:43 PM, Blogger Deekshanya

ROTFL! abt your description on singing in the kitchen!


At 5:05 PM, Blogger indianangel

@ veda: aama this joke i've already heard too! :)
@ bala: :)
@porkodi: neengalum indha case dhaana! icecream'la peru paarthu saapidara ennoda friend oruthi irukka! avalum ippadidhaan strange names'a vaangi saapiduva :)

Preethi: babies out of bath - yes that should be really gr8!

@ Pria: Thanks you, happa oru vazhiya unga tag'a mudichuttaen. glad you enjoyed it

@ syam: nammalan pesinaale sodhanaidhaan edukku padanum? :)
@Priya,KK,lera: glad u enjoyed it

@ deeksh - welcome here!


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