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Women, Women .........and what men want from women!
After having written a post on what women want from men, here is another fun-intended post on what men want from women. Now I know all the beautiful ladies out there are also equally broad-minded to take things easy, so read through it and have fun!

What men want in women - Age 20 plus
1. Nothing you say changes your appearance - and we dont need you to entice us with your humour. The way you walk, talk and cook is just enough to invoke a roar of laugher in us!
2. Smartness is great, but not at home, as we have enough of it at office! If you start talking about calculus, then we start having an exponentially overwhelming desire to produce that much kids!
3. Violet,Indigo,Blue, Green,Yellow and Red are the only colors we know - please pista is a tastey food recipe and hell no its not a color!
4. "Rosy lips and rosy cheeks" is a good idiom that we love on movies, but we dont expect you to be that way - so please use lipstick to add a little texture, and dont frighten us as if you were the daughter of dracula!
5. We highly appreciate tears due to laughter, but its very very bad to use them as worse as a nuclear weapon. We vehemently disagree to the idea of crying just because
you couldnt find your favorite perfume that was used by the grandma of Kate Winslet when Titanic was sinking!
6. 20-30's is the best time to have kids, and no you will never become suddenly ugly by having kids, unless you were already that way before!

What men want in women - Age 30 plus
1. Some cooked vegetables, or a soup, and some cooked cereal(rice or wheat) is a great and simple meal - heavensake no, Pizza is not a term in dictionary that says " a lovely and gratifying meal for mystic souls"
2. We dont mind you using a skin care, a facial cleanser, an eyebrow tweeter, lipstick or even a perfume- but for christs sake remember Fridge is meant to store foods
and medicine and not your next year's stock of cosmetics!
3. Its in our magnanimous minds to appreciate beauty wherever it is - but that doesnt mean you need to be suspicious and start smelling our shirts snorting like a pig or explore the entire contents of our bag, dont worry we are committed!
4. We really appreciate you thinking us as the pal of King kong, but the reality is we are not that macho's and no no no please dont expect us to carry you when the fact is you are growing like a zombie!
5. If it itches then we shall scratch be it in public or at home because its natural - and its a really bad idea to travel 100 miles to a beauty parlor to just scratch your head!
6. Its true - most of us like sports and we are good sportsmen, but that doesnt mean you need to ask us, a frikking 1000 times " do you love me?" in front of mother! Nope, this is not the game we like to play between the mother-in-law and daugter-in-law!

What men want in women - 40 plus
1. We insist you not wearing heals because of two reasons - i) its no longer good for the bones, and if you slip and fall it will definitely break your bones ii) we are getting old too and we dont want heals to be used as a weapon any more!
2. Please dont test our confidence and patience by repeatedly asking some dangerous questions as "Can you please hold me?" or "Am I looking beautiful" or " Oh my gosh! Am I growing fat?"
3. We understand memory loss starts from now on, but please dont torture us by asking "Is Kung-fu a chinese fast food?"
4. Please dont scare the kids by skipping! Our neighbours are not patient enough to live with the mild tremors caused in their backyard due to this!
5. We highly appreciate your enthusisam and love for sports, but please understand see-saw is strictly meant for kids, and remember next time you break it trying to sit on it, you are spoiling the kids fun!

What men want in women - 50 plus!
1. We always like only sugar in coffee and never salt in it - so please wear your spectacles when you are in kitchen!
2. Please remember to open thy mouth only for three things: to eat food and medicine, to kiss and to yawn - opening the mouth for talking is the most dangerous weapon of all and saying something as "I cant believe you're going to let me go on and on like this" would be considered inappropriate when all you had to do was carry some goodies from mall to car.
3. We always believe in two way communication, but as you forget that at times, and go-in jiberring non-chalantly like a one way traffic that extends for 1000 miles, we need to remind you every now and then and that we also need a chance to talk!
4. We understand you no longer have interest in sports, but please dont trouble us over and over again by asking "What magic did Magic johnson do?"

What men want in women - 60 plus!
Forget it after having lived with them for 20 plus years, we lose all our capacity to think, to smell and to see that we become a mere living dead tissue, so we no longer expect anything from women!

Phew! This is my complete imagination, sorry if its little too sarcastic - just read it for fun!

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At 9:06 AM, Blogger Sandai-Kozhi

hi,Iam first .will come and read .


At 11:57 AM, Blogger G3

Idhukkellam thaniya room pottu yosippeengalo :)

Ungaloda pona post kalakkal.. TR styleliyae padichen.. ROTFL :)


At 12:02 PM, Blogger Sandai-Kozhi

yenna after 60 thalaila mudiyum illa,puthiyum illa,than suya ninaivum illanu solli expectations illama pocha.appadhan prachanaiyae aarambam.rettai mattu vandimadu rendum rendu valiyila pogum appodhan.
Really you have thought well.It took some time to grasp all the points.Well done--SKM


At 6:02 PM, Blogger ambi

//please use lipstick to add a little texture, and dont frighten us as if you were the daughter of dracula!

ROTFL :) yeeh, that dark rose color or pink color lipstick is very deadly.

kozhanthaiku(me only) bayama irukkum.

but meroon red is toppu takker! he hee :)
red your missed out posts too. :)
sorry, little bit hectic in work front.


At 7:16 PM, Blogger மு.கார்த்திகேயன்

IA, periya research-a irukkum pOla.. full-a padichchuttu comment poduren..
ithu summa oru attendance!!!


At 9:19 PM, Blogger மு.கார்த்திகேயன்

//Now I know all the beautiful ladies out there are also equally broad-minded to take things easy, so read through it and have fun!//

ahaa arambaththileye kokki pOttu, villangama pesuriyeppaa

//so please use lipstick to add a little texture, and dont frighten us as if you were the daughter of dracula!//
hope u had lotta experiences :-))


At 9:45 PM, Anonymous priya

IA: Sooper kalakkal:-)) Looks like you spend time at night in dreams and write it at early morning...


At 11:36 PM, Blogger Bharani

gaptan...eppadi idhellam...romba yosikareenga pola iruku :))


At 1:11 AM, Blogger Priya

Prasanna, neenga enna 70 vayasu thathava? ivlo anubavasaaliya yosichu irukkinga... ROFTL :)


At 1:34 AM, Blogger Syam

gabdon valakkam pola another stat kuduthu iruggaar....soooobbber..


At 1:48 AM, Blogger Twisted DNA

haha. Excellent job!

lease pista is a tastey food recipe and hell no its not a color!

But really, if had to write the article, it would be one simple line for all ages of men.
"less talk. big boobs. great sex"